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Yuyao Dalong air compressor fittings Co. Ltd.

Add:Wei Jia Mou Shan Zhen , Yuyao Province, Zhejiang City

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   Yuyao Dalong air compressor fittings Co., Ltd. is the China General Machinery Industry Association compressor branch of the governing unit, China National Petroleum Corporation level supply network unit, Zhejiang Province machinery hall fixed-point production compressor accessories business, Ningbo City of key enterprises. The company was founded in 1968, has nearly forty years of compressor valves and fittings production history, the company has a strong product design and development capabilities, has a perfect quality control system and improve the production equipment and testing means. Stable and reliable product quality, reasonable price, timely delivery service, has been widely used in compressor manufacturing industry, petrochemical industry, oil refining industry, iron and steel, smelting, shipbuilding industry, pharmaceutical industry, defense sector, CNG filling station and foreign companies, and achieved good quality and service reputation.



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