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2015 screw type air compressor accessories industry status quo

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2015 screw type air compressor accessories industry status quo

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  Screw air compressor development period, the price is high. The subjective factors and objective conditions of the assembly plant of screw air compressor are two reasons for this phenomenon.

In the discussion of the screw air compressor parts market price change trend of this issue, we need to understand the screw air compressor spare parts market background information. As is known to all, screw air compressor is a kind of assembly machine. In other words, most of screw air compressor factory in general do not produce spare parts; procurement of the spare parts (such as: screw oil, filters, etc.) in the matching accessories business, then mark the host brand or positive fittings factory ", original fittings" and other words sales to their air compressor users. This is what is called a manufacturing process. That is, the so-called factory accessories, the price is also sold very ridiculous! This is the screw type air compressor assembly plant subjective reasons. From the subjective factors, screw air compressor factory is not willing to actively reduce the price of accessories. Because the accessories are the basic consumables of air compressor; air compressor users of the consumable demand is relatively stable, not due to changes in the price and significant changes. As the need of rice this basic consumables people, not because of the price of rice decreased significantly increased rice consumption. In this case, screw air compressor factory if lower preparation accessories price and can not effectively improve the user of spare parts demand; on the contrary, reduced prices will reduce screw air compressor factory obtained from the user has the spare parts demand in profits.

  From an objective point of view, at that time, China screw air compressor parts market competition can not compete with the intensity of the present. Air compressor users outside of their host plant or suppliers to purchase spare parts with the same quality is more difficult. In other words, the screw air compressor factory and supplier sales of accessories at the time as an alternative to the market both in kind or in the number of can with today's situation mentioned in the same breath. The less the same kind of commodity in the market, the less sensitive to the price. In addition, some customers worry about outside the screw air compressor factory and suppliers to buy spare parts will influence to host after-sales service. This fear is not redundant at that time. Because, at that time, the market of China's screw air compressor is in the initial stage, the screw air compressor is a new thing, it is not very understanding of it. In this case, the price of the screw air compressor parts in China is maintained at a high level.

  Economists often say, "is the market itself, rather than the other forces created, and then inevitably end the era of a high profit market". The market is like this: where there is demand, where there will be continuous supply. Along with the     Chinese market of screw air compressor to grow, screw air compressor spare parts market demand growth, and further integration of the   Chinese economy and the world economy, international many screw air compressor spare parts OEM manufacturers (including many screw air compressor manufacturing factory spare parts suppliers) or to enter the Chinese market, or Chinese Enterprises to expand the scale of production and operation of existing. These companies such as de hung air compressor Co., Ltd., from the assembly plant to the national physical stores and online marketing, I believe that the screw type air compressor prices will become increasingly low.


  Many parts enterprises to provide spare parts for the vast number of air compressor in China is a screw air compressor factory sales of accessories to provide a good substitute. When a product in the market to appear more for goods, the consumer of the product price sensitivity will increase, because more options to appear. At this time, the price can not increase the price of consumer goods (such as screw air compressor accessories) and the demand for life of basic consumer goods (such as rice), but it is an important factor in consumer choice of suppliers. In other words, the price can not directly increase the number of consumer demand for basic consumer goods, but can let the consumer decide which company to buy. With the development of the market of the screw compressor in China and the deepening of the degree of cognition of the screw air compressor, the service of the screw air compressor is gradually becoming the trend of social division of labor.   The more mature a commodity market, the higher the degree of the social division of the commodity market. After the initial stage of China's screw air compressor market, some of the company with excellent technology and rich experience in the company began to provide air compressor for the majority of screw air compressor maintenance services, the company has been engaged in the work of the screw air compressor factory. Service work socialization trend of the emergence of further exclusion of people's worries, increase the number of air compressor users in the purchase of spare parts for the price sensitivity. In this case, the supply and demand of the screw air compressor spare parts market in China began to decrease.     This change, no doubt to the majority of screw air compressor users bring price benefits. Screw air compressor spare parts price reduction will create a majority of screw air compressor users, console makers and accessories manufacturers "win-win" situation. In the purchase of screw air compressor, maintenance costs is an important factor affecting people's purchase decision. Screw air compressor is able to become the replacement product of the piston air compressor, the lower maintenance costs. After the reduction of the screw air compressor maintenance costs will increase the number of industrial and commercial enterprises in our country to screw air compressor needs, and promote the determination of many enterprises to update the old equipment, which is very beneficial to the sale of the screw air compressor. When the screw air compressor mainframe of the total increase in demand, screw air compressor users of spare parts demand will increase, so that the whole industry chain to form a virtuous circle, and promote the industry's healthy development.

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