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Domestic compressor enterprises need to change ideas

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Domestic compressor enterprises need to change ideas

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   In recent years, the growth of the national economy and the steady growth of investment in fixed assets, the growth of energy and raw materials and other industries, the rapid growth of materials and other industries, driven by the compressor compressor compressor industry industry industry maintained a good momentum of development of national economic growth and fixed asset investment trends steady growth.

  For a long time in the past, the lack of core technology, the low capacity of the excess capacity has been plagued by the adverse conditions of domestic compressor enterprises. After years of extensive growth in the scale of production and marketing, how to seize the favorable opportunity to develop a new round of energy subsidies, to seek the way of development has become a problem in the domestic compressor companies. From the sales channels and marketing methods to increase technology research and development efforts, product line transformation, and then to find a breakthrough point, increase the proportion of exports, domestic compressor companies have been exploring the way of thinking. It is understood that, in addition to the scale of production and sale of the shrinking, due to individual enterprises to some products price sales, resulting in the industry price system confusion, the profit margins of the enterprise has been very limited. At present, the development of the compressor industry has entered a bottleneck period of scale growth, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading has been the only way. Lack of core technology, low capacity has been a major problem for the compressor industry.   Although the new energy subsidies policy for driving the overall market size of the compressor industry growth is limited, but it provides an opportunity for the adjustment of enterprise structure and the industry as a whole.

  Domestic large and medium-sized compressor manufacturers, due to various reasons can not be timely to meet customers for the spare parts demand, staff attitude blunt and field service personnel feifen requirements, resulting in customers to lose confidence in the state-owned enterprises, began to seek cooperation from the private or individual.

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