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What are the general requirements for the layout of the compressor?

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What are the general requirements for the layout of the compressor?

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(1) the arrangement of the compressor unit and its auxiliary equipment shall meet the requirements of the manufacturing plant;

(2) is arranged in the superior compression near the suction device, the auxiliary equipment should be close to the unit arrangement;

(3) the arrangement of the combustible gas compressor shall comply with the following requirements: 1) with the fire equipment, non explosion proof electrical equipment, should be in line with the current national standards "explosion and fire dangerous environment power plant design specifications" GB50028 and "petroleum chemical enterprise design fire code" GB50160 provisions; 2. In the cold or wind areas can layout in workshop; 3) single motor drive power is equal to or greater than 150KW CPI gas compressor plant, unfavorable and other a, B, C class rooms share a building; above the compressor shall not a, B, C class liquid equipment layout, but occupied high lubricating oil tank from this limit.

(4) the compressor, which is arranged in a single layer, should be set up on the basis of a higher level, and when the auxiliary equipment is more, the two layer should be arranged.

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