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Protect the compressor this little heart of the cream is strong

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Protect the compressor this little heart of the cream is strong

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   As we all know, air source heat pump in operation need to absorb a lot of heat in the air, when the ambient temperature is low heat fin will frost.

  When the evaporator's surface is covered with fluffy frost, the heat pump's heat capacity will be sharply reduced. At this time, if you do not put the cream, light will lead to a decline in production of water, resulting in a substantial reduction in the compressor's back, the compressor exhaust temperature is too high, the end of the compressor. So good in addition to the cream system for the heat pump is essential, and how the system is good in addition to cream?

  A good design of the heat pump defrosting system, the key has a four point, reduce the frost frequency, that is, try to make the system frost free longer working hours, the second is entry point for accurate defrosting, defrosting speed, exit the cream of accuracy.

 One, the speed of frost

 Frost is inevitable, however, it is possible to slow down the speed of frost. Frosting velocity and evaporator, throttle, air and condensing temperature.

 Two, into the accuracy of the cream

1 in accordance with the national standard, in addition to cream interval should be in more than 45 minutes, but for the first time to start should not be subject to this restriction, avoid because of poor last run accumulation because of frosting defrosting.

2, the temperature, in general, the factory set up in addition to the point of the -7 is, when the ambient temperature is 2~5, when the environmental humidity is relatively large, should be set to -3.

3, attenuation of heat generation, the maximum impact of the frosting of the heat pump is the attenuation of heat generation, if you can to the attenuation of the heat to judge enters in the frost time, should be more accurate. At present, the heat of the PHNIX is a heat pump is a system of heat. Because each machine has a flow sensor, so that the machine at the time and temperature conditions on the basis of the increase in the heat of the judgment condition, reduce the false.

  Three, the speed of the cream

  The main factors influencing the speed (efficiency) of the cream are the model of the cream and the smooth degree of drainage.

  Four, hot air side Tonghua cream

  Tonghua is next to the hot air compressor exhaust through the solenoid valve to switch to the outside of the tube fin evaporator of the pipeline in the pipeline. The heat is all of the energy and the heat of the motor running out of the compressor itself. The heat is limited, touch on ambient temperature decreased and thick frost, frost is not the net risk and in addition to the frost time too long will cause the compressor fluid hammer, the utility model has the advantages of is a simple system.

  Four, five way valve for the valve

  Four way valve of the valve is the system using the four way valve to reverse the function, the refrigeration into a heating, the evaporator on the cream, so that the system is in turn, the evaporator into a condenser, so that the heating water to frost. Its advantages are the speed of the cream, cream clean. The disadvantage is that the four way valve will have a small amount of leakage, will reduce the efficiency of the unit, of course, this effect is generally very small; the other will have a certain impact on the temperature of the water tank.

Six, electric heating cream

  The application of electric heating cream is mainly used in cold storage, and the application is less. Because of the limited power of electric heating, even the auxiliary heating, the effect is limited. Due to the limitation of the input power, the electric heating time of the cream is very long, and the time of the cream is longer, the energy consumption is higher. So, generally very little heat pump with electric heating to melt

  Seven, natural stopping cream

  The application of the heat pump in the environment of 0 degrees above the temperature of the natural stop. The advantages of the system is simple and reliable, the disadvantage is that the slow speed of the cream, the general application of the high temperature heat pump.

Eight, the smooth degree of drainage

  A good cream system also should pay attention to the end of the cream, the drainage is smooth. When the environment temperature is below 0 degrees, if the water flow is not smooth, will produce the accumulation of ice phenomenon, the final result of the cream is bad, or the machine can not work. In general can be adjusted by the fin spacing, increase the drainage port and the addition of a heating belt way to ensure smooth drainage.

  Nine, the accuracy of the exit of the cream

There are two kinds of conditions for the withdrawal of the cream, one is the pressure, one is the temperature. The pressure will be more accurate, the temperature is more intuitive and convenient. Regardless of temperature or pressure, the distribution of the evaporator should be as uniform as possible, which is the best way to improve the efficiency of the evaporator. In general, the coil temperature should be placed in the bottom of the evaporator by a few U tube.

  Good cream system, not only to protect the stability of the unit, for reducing energy consumption is also contributed to the.

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