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A probe into the growth of the compressor of the heat pump water heater

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A probe into the growth of the compressor of the heat pump water heater

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   Latest data show that the first quarter of 2015, China's heat pump water heater compressor sales overall slowdown in growth. Among them, the heat pump with rotary compressor 1 quarter sales of about 205000 units, an increase of 3%; while the heat pump compressor with scroll, according to the relevant business people feedback, an increase in the same period last year also slowed down.

   Investigate its reason, is mainly affected by the downstream demand. On the one hand, this year the overall economic environment in general, water heater market demand is relatively weak, heat pump water heater products have been partially affected; on the other hand, the beginning of this year, channel inventory backlog, some companies began to slow down production, to start cleaning up the market inventory. From the seasonal perspective, the first quarter of the industry is the off-season, the overall market can not see the feedback, the specific situation also depends on the second half of the peak season shipments.

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