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Domestic reciprocating compressor is expected to par with international similar products

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Domestic reciprocating compressor is expected to par with international similar products

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   July 10th, oil and gas fields made to the resurrection of plug type compressor application technology exchange will be held in       Chengdu. Meeting, Chengdu compressor plant products has been unanimously recognized by experts and oil user, think Chengdu compressor plant for the production of domestic reciprocating piston compressor is expected to shoulder to shoulder with the international similar products.

   In the past, the reciprocating piston type compressors used in oil and gas fields are imported. Imported to the resurrection piston compressor is not only expensive, supply cycle is long, but service is not timely, operation and maintenance costs are high, affecting the rapid development of business. Chengdu compressor factory through technological innovation, production of the domestic to the resurrection of piston type compressor. This kind of compressor can meet the needs of boosting gas gathering, gas lift, gas injection, gas drilling, gas drilling, shale gas exploration and development.

   Exchange meeting, delegates visited the Chengdu compressor plant large power compressor manufacturing and skid project construction site, and compressor using, management, maintenance maintenance, after-sales service, imported compressor parts localization, on-site training of personnel and other issues related to the exchange discussion, and proposed some suggestions for the compressor.

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