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International compressor companies settled in domestic competition

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International compressor companies settled in domestic competition

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   The proposed development of the twelfth five year plan, the domestic market will provide a broad space for development of refrigeration compressor industry, but also for the refrigeration compressor industry to accelerate the upgrading of product quality, surpassing the world level provides unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

    With the rapid development of international refrigeration compressor industry, global compressor market concentration of a gradual increase in the degree, leading compressor production enterprises through the integration of industry and constantly improve its competitiveness, the gradual emergence of the Bitzer Germany and the United States Ingersoll Rand, and as representatives of the industry's leading enterprises, occupy the leading position in the industry.

    In recent years, China's refrigeration compressor industry is also driven by downstream demand and rapid development. Five eleven period, the domestic industrial refrigeration compressor sets in the field of refrigeration compressor sets of continuous improvement, cold chain logistics and home appliances and other areas of demand for refrigeration compressor is also rising, the development of China's refrigeration compressor industry to provide a good opportunity.

    According to prospective network statistics, from the 2013-2017 China refrigeration compressor industry sales demand forecasting and transformation and upgrading analysis report data show that the 2008-2010 assembly has a refrigerant compressor refrigeration system market demand, the annual average of about 10000000000 yuan, according to the cost analysis, the market demand for refrigerant compressors in 19000000000 yuan per year, according to the cost analysis, the market capacity of refrigerant centrifugal compressor is about 6000000000 yuan.

    With the development of China's twelfth five year plan, the domestic market will provide a broad space for development, and it also provides an unprecedented opportunity and challenge for the refrigeration compressor industry to improve product quality and catch up with the world level. During the twelfth five year period, the total demand of cold chain logistics in our country is more than fifteen, the total demand in the five period of eleven, coupled with the rapid growth of industrial refrigeration demand and the stability of the home appliance market as a guarantee.

    It is understood that the majority of refrigeration compressor enterprises in China, the vast majority of low-end refrigeration compressor production. The main core components of the production of the screw type refrigeration compressor, the main core components of the double helical rotor (the total cost of more than 25%), the basic dependence on imports. It is because most of the domestic enterprises do not have the core technology, can only provide the whole product, which largely inhibits the development of domestic refrigeration compressor industry.

    Today, China has gradually become the global manufacturing center, the global compressor manufacturing center of gravity has gradually shifted to the mainland of China, the world's major compressor manufacturers have entered the Chinese market. The world's major compressor manufacturers in China have a production base. The main compressor production enterprises attach importance to in the development of China and the main compressor production enterprises to enter the Chinese increasing market competition of        China's refrigeration compressor industry, domestic refrigeration compressor business must be open enough horsepower, catch up, in order to remain invincible position in the world.

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