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China adjust the import and export tariff or import tariff 0 compressor

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China adjust the import and export tariff or import tariff 0 compressor

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   The Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council for consideration and approval of the State Council, since January 1, 2015, China will be part of the adjustment of the import and export tariffs were carried on.

   In order to optimize the import structure, better meet the domestic production and the people's living needs, in 2015 our country will implement some of the imported goods in the most favored nation tariff rate of the provisional tax rate. Among them, the first implementation of the provisional import tax rate and further reduce the rate of products include optical laser, automatic wire welding machine and other advanced manufacturing the required equipment, spare parts and components; electric vehicle with electronic control brake is conducive to energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection equipment; domestic ethylene, nickel iron needed for the production of energy resource products; lipid-lowering drug substance, macadamias, camera lens, etc. medicines and consumer goods. At the same time, the overall consideration of industrial, technological development and market conditions, the refrigeration compressor, car radio, ink jet printing machine and other commodities will not implement the provisional tax rate, the appropriate increase in the level of natural rubber and other commodities.

2015 to continue to 7 kinds of agricultural products such as wheat and urea and other 3 kinds of chemical fertilizer import tariff quota management, and the implementation of 3 fertilizer fertilizer, urea and other tentative quota rate of 1%. A certain amount of cotton continued to be implemented in a certain amount of tariff quota, the tax rate shall be unchanged.

    In 2015 our country continues to levy export tariffs on coal, crude oil, chemical fertilizer, iron alloy and other products. According to the change of domestic chemical fertilizer, coal supply and demand situation, the appropriate adjustment of chemical fertilizer export tariffs, the implementation of a unified tariff rate for nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer, appropriate to reduce the export tariff rate of coal products.

2015 based on a free trade agreement or tariff preferential agreement signed by China and the relevant countries or regions, continue to the countries of ASEAN countries, Chile, Pakistan, New     Zealand, Peru, Costa Rica, South Korea,, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Switzerland, Iceland and other countries of the implementation of the tariff rate, some of the tax rate is further reduced. In the mainland and Hongkong, Macao, more closely related to the framework of the economic and trade relations, the origin of the product has been established in Hong Kong and Macao regions and preferential tariff. According to the economic cooperation framework agreement of the two sides of the Strait, the implementation of zero tariff on some products originating in           Taiwan region. Origin implementation of preferential tariff in 41 countries, Ethiopia, Yemen, Sudan and other goods, which in 24 countries of Ethiopia and 97% of tariff lines of merchandise implementation of zero tariff preferential tariff rates.

    In order to adapt to the progress of science and technology, the adjustment of industrial structure, optimize the trade structure, strengthen import and export management, 2015 on import and export tariff tariff adjustment. After the adjustment, in 2015     China's total tariff will increase from 8277 to 8285.

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