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Inverter air conditioner main parts of the inverter compressor by the markets hot holding

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Inverter air conditioner main parts of the inverter compressor by the markets hot holding

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   In recent years, the frequency conversion air conditioner sales trend, the introduction of new targets, the rapid spread of frequency conversion products, high demand for the whole machine, and promote the high frequency conversion compressor sales.

    For nearly 3 months, the monthly sales of frequency conversion compressor has been more than 4000000 units, an increase of about 30%. Earlier this year air-conditioning inside and outside the machine pin replenishment needs superposition, some products in advance procurement, rotary compressor industry production and sales surge, further boosted sales trend of inverter compressor.

    Air conditioning upgrade is an inevitable trend, in the process of promoting the air conditioner industry, inverter air conditioner inverter air conditioner compressor by the market's hot. Energy saving, high efficiency, low loss has gradually become the mainstream of the market products update. Inverter air conditioner is a new energy saving product, which is a new type of air conditioner, and has gradually become the mainstream of the air conditioner market. The mainstream of inverter air conditioner has greatly driven the development of the inverter compressor market.

    From the industry analysis and comparison found that the frequency conversion compressor sales growth than air conditioning sales growth is also large. In 2013, for example, the introduction of the frequency of new subject and new products without channel inventory, have increased the replenishment needs; hot weather period stimulated the inverter compressor channels shipments; domestic inverter products quickly spread, the inverter compressor industry market accounted for continuous improvement.

     However, China's large enterprises are increasingly formed by the purchase of the trend, coupled with the foreign export trade in the competitive pressure, some companies are not in the frequency conversion compressor industry as a whole way to keep up with the pace of sales, there is still a large operating pressure.

     At present, the market development of frequency conversion compressor is not completely mature. Frequency conversion compressor enterprises in the development of a better environment, but also to deal with the procurement of the group, export trade competition and other challenges, opportunities and challenges coexist.

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