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Compressor protection four method away from air conditioning "heart" disease

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Compressor protection four method away from air conditioning "heart" disease

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   Summer is about to arrive, the air conditioning to put up for a long time to come in handy again! In recent years, the consumer for the use of air conditioning has become more and more experience, gradually pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of air conditioning, regular cleaning, in the prevention of air conditioning can also achieve the purpose of saving electricity. So, as the air conditioning of the "heart", the compressor is not to focus on the protection of it? I consulted the GMCC small Meizhi compressor engineer, the global 1/4 supply air conditioning compressor.

   As we all know, the compressor is the core of the air conditioning, but also the most expensive parts of air conditioning. According to the GMCC engineer, the compressor is compressed and driven by the type of snow to make the cycle function, in order to achieve the effect of cooling or heating. Therefore, the efficiency of the compressor is directly related to the air-conditioning refrigeration system heat effect, in the use of air conditioning should pay attention to the protection of the compressor.

   Here are four basic ways to protect the compressor from the engineer, so that your air conditioning away from the "heart"!

First, the switch interval of 3 minutes, to prevent the "heart" angina

   Some consumers like to start and shut down the air conditioner, the temperature is low, immediately shut down, hot and open, think that this can save energy, in fact, otherwise. Engineers suggested that the air conditioner should be controlled, and the compressor can get better working efficiency by setting a good program. At the same time, air-conditioning due to a sudden power failure or artificially machine, should start again after 3 minutes, otherwise some no setup time delay device of air conditioning may due to excessive starting current and burning fuse, even burning of the compressor motor.

Second, a month to start, prevention of heart attack

   Engineers suggest that, even without the use of air conditioning season, it is best to develop a habit of at least once a month. Because the compressor is a kind of precision equipment, which is equipped with lubricating oil, to ensure the reliable operation of the compressor. But if the long time does not use the air conditioning, the compressor inside the lubricating oil may appear the condensation condition, the long time use may cause the compressor card to die the fault, to the compressor.

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