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Modern heavy industrys first centrifugal gas compressor manufacturing success

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Modern heavy industrys first centrifugal gas compressor manufacturing success

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    The world's leading engine manufacturer, the world's 500 largest enterprise - - - modern heavy industry group announced the first centrifugal compressor has officially passed the performance test in June 1st. The main function of the centrifugal compressor is to transport large and high pressure natural gas in the offshore and onshore natural gas generating stations, and has the advantages of long time continuous operation and lower noise.

    Centrifugal compressor is a high performance turbine machine, the use of high speed rotating impeller to increase the gas pressure, so that it is easier to transport through the pipeline. A new gas compressor Hyundai Heavy Industries can be in 4500-6900kPa sealing under pressure to transport 1100 tons of natural gas per hour.

    Hyundai Heavy Industries in 2011 and MITSUBISHI heavy industries signed the compressor technology strategy cooperation, and formally put into the gas compressor industry. This new product research and development, MITSUBISHI group provides a shaft and impeller, and by the modern heavy industry is responsible for other parts of the manufacturing, assembly and test run.

    Centrifugal gas compressor is a highly valued product with advanced technology, each value of about 3500000 U. S. dollars, at present mainly by the European, American and Japanese companies occupy about 4000000000 U. S. dollars of market size. Modern heavy industries this time successfully completed the production of centrifugal gas compressor products, plans in the future will enrich the product category, and strive to achieve annual sales of $200000000 target.

    The new type of gas compressor in June officially settled in the Korea Gas Co Masan KOGAS compression station, is expected to officially put into operation in December, after the operation of the compressor will be equipped with 22 MW class gas turbine drive.

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