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Screw Air Compressor Parts quality judgment

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Screw Air Compressor Parts quality judgment

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     Screw compressor maintenance free filter replacement parts, oil filters, oil core, screw air compressor oil. These accessories should be how to judge the quality of our?

Air filter which can look out, it is primarily to see the filter paper density and quality to the naked eye can see out, if poor quality can lead to a lot of impurities and dirt to go inside the screw compressor, easy to plug the oil core, will produce excessive internal pressure, causing the fuel injection valve open.

Identify poor quality oil filter is good or bad, mainly to see the use of time to determine if there is no advance warning to the specified time, or hydraulic blockage of small, exhaust temperature is too high, largely because they have clogged oil filter caused by poor quality oil filter if also prone to compressor repair the fault.

The supplies of oil and gas separator, is a four most expensive supplies like he had been his high price because of the high cost of imported oil separator that quality is better, his pressure ratio and oil filter that is very Well, generally replace imported oil separators basic protection does not appear oil core failure.

Air compressor screw air compressor oil is blood, there is no good oil, the air compressor is basically not run. We all know that the air compressor factory is not producing screw air compressor oil screw compressor oil basic oil in one, there are 8000 hours of synthetic and semi-synthetic oil 4000 hours, and 2000 hours of minerals oil are relatively common three grades. Choose a good synthetic oil is more important compressor

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