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Metal buffer chip

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Metal buffer chip


    The company currently produces valves have been six series, more than 1,000 varieties specifications, can be equipped with a displacement of 0.12-250m3 / min, maximum pressure up to 42MPa of various types, various types of gas piston compressor, The main wearing parts valve compressor according to use conditions, the compressed media and user requirements are high strength steel, stainless acid resistant steel, PH15-7Mo, PEEK and other US imports of plastics, PEEK plastic valve sheet having imported corrosion, wear-resistant, high temperature, impact resistance, sealing performance, low noise, light weight and long life. To work up to 8,000 hours, it has been widely applied in all walks of life. In recent years more than 20 years, the production of valves in Qilu Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical, Daqing 3 of stone, Maoming Petrochemical, Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical, Karamay Petrochemical, Xinjiang Zep Petrochemical, Cangzhou refinery, oil refineries and other Golmud in Qinghai petrochemical, refinery process compressors have been widely applied, product quality and service has been accepted by the user in the field, and have achieved good quality and service reputation.

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